Journal Amirani. 2001. Volume 4

Once More on the Problem of Interrelation of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages Cultures in Colchis

Author(s): Leri Jibladze

A set of elements characteristic of artifacts belonging to the Middle and Late Bronze Ages reveal their genetic links, though in such sphere of the material culture as pottery, this links are manifested rather ambiguously.

Journal Amirani. 2017. Volume 29

Archaic Elements on Bedeni Ceramics

Author(s): Alexander Orjonikidze

The ceramic vessels having archaic appearance have frequently been the misleading reason for dating the Bedeni monuments by earlier dates than they really are. The resemblance of Bedeni ceramics with that of earlier period can be explained by strengthening the relationships of eastern Georgia with western Georgia and northeastern Caucasus those were distinguished with their conservativeness. These relationships were the reason of reviving the archaic elements on the clay vessel from Bedeni culture settlements.

Journal Amirani. 2017. Volume 29

One Type of Bronze Pendant from Brili Necropolis

Author(s): Leri Jibladze, Revaz Davlianidze, Nino Chkhartishvili

While working on materials preserved in the main depository of National Museum our attention was drawn on the double ax-shaped bronze pendant, which can come from the indistinct necropolis complex and may be dated by Middle Bronze Age. This opinion is based on the fact that we meet the mentioned bronze pendant in upper Racha ̶ Brili necropolis, from the Middle Bronze Age layer (Burial #12). The latest parallels of these items are on the monuments of Digori culture (West Mountain Region of the North Ossetia).

Journal Amirani. 2017. Volume 30

Archaeological excavations on the Nazarlebi Settlement

Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili

Preliminary Report of the Nazarlebi Georgian-German Joint Archaeological Expedition

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