Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Changes in ceramic production at the end of the Middle Bronze Age in the Colchis Lowland

Author(s): Leri Jibladze

Significant changes in ceramic production are found in the Middle Bronze Age and early Late Bronze Age in the Colchis Lowland. The main defining clay items characteristic of the Middle Bronze Age are falling into disuse and new forms and completely different ornamental faces are being introduced in pottery.

Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Communication routes between the primary and secondary centers of the bronze metallurgical production of Colchis and with surrounding neighboring regions

Author(s): Leri Jibladze, Zviad Kvitsiani

Many questions arise in the course of studying the bronze metallurgical production in ancient Colchis. Among them, the relationship between primary and secondary centers of production should be noted. It is necessary to identify the chronological sequence between the primary sites of mining production, located in the mountainous regions of Colchis, and the secondary centers for the production of bronze, located on the plains.

Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Ornamented double ax from the Nazarlebi sanctuary

Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili, Nana Bakhsoliani

Archaeological excavations have been taking place in the Nazarlebi ramparts since 2017. The working day 11.09.2018 was particularly successful for the excavation campaign. A unique depot find came to light. This was hoarded to the east of the western part of the rounded sacral building and contained sacral and agricultural objects made of bronze, as well as weapons. Of particular interest is the double-sided Middle Transcaucasian axe. There are interesting ornaments on it - maybe these ornaments are also hieroglyphs with a certain content.

Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

A Brief Review of the archaeological investigations in Georgia and in the depositories of the Georgian State museum conducted by Boris Kuftin during 1934-1940

Author(s): Tina Abulashvili

Over 1934-1940, Boris Kuftin excavated and studied many important monuments on the territory of Georgia, systematized the archaeological depositories of the State Museum of Georgia, and explored individual places of finds.

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