Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

To the questions of inhabitation and constuction techniques of the Gomareti Megalithic settlement

Author(s): Guram Kipiani

Analysis of the qiestions of inhabitation and construction techniques of Mamulos Pantiani megalithic settlement

Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

Report on the archaeological investigations of the Nazarlebi settlement

Author(s): Kiazo Pitskhelauri, Vazha Varazashvili, Paata Bukhrashvili, Kote Pitskhelauri

Report of the Ilia Chavchavadze State University archaeological expedition on the Nazarlebi settlement

Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

Fragment with a bronze cross inscription from Vani settlement

Author(s): Nathia Darsalia

Bronze cross fragment with Nuskhuri inscription was discovered in 1967, on the central terrace of Vani settlement. An inscription consisting of four lines is placed on the arm of the cross.As defined by the paleograph V. Silogava, the monument dates 11th century. The fragment of the bronze cross discovered in Vani may make certain contribution to the study of the history of the “country” of Vani in middles ages.

Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

Roman Politics in Caucasus (1st century 70th BC to 1st century 50th AD)

Author(s): Temur Todua

The Romans attention was paid to Caucasus in 70th I century BC. The Roman’s position in Caucasus in Augustus epoch was strengthened. At this time Armenia and Iberia played main role in Rome – Caucasus Policies, which were considered as Rome’s collaborators. Empires Caucasus Political methods were changed in Caligula epoch. Colchis became the main part of Pontos Royal restorations and Iberia remained the collaborator of the Rome. But the King of Armenia Mithridat was refused to rule Iberia. Mithridat was announced as a king of Armenia in the time of Claudius ruling. In Garnisi in the 4th century was excepted the unions. Iberia and Albania was considered as the collaborators, and Colchis was the part of Pontos Royal. In 52nd Rome lost Armenia, which caused Caucasus Political failing.

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