Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 16

The Georgian Translation of "Treasure" by Cyril of Alexandria

Author(s): Tamar Tsopurashvili

The extensive dogmatic-polemical work by Cyril of Alexandria called "Treasure" was written against the doctrine of Arius, to say more precisely, against his followers – Neoarians. It was written in 423-425 and is considered as one of the most important works created before The Council of Ephesus. The text was translated and attached with comments by Anton I. Today we have several full and incomplete versions of this translation: A3, S157, S363, S1182, H203, H466, H2174.

Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

Culturological aspects of conversion of Kartly (On the base of the correlation of the oldest Byzantine and Georgian sources)

Author(s): Alexandra Gegechkori

Iberia-Kartli shortly after its conversion into Christianity (337) established political and cultural relations with Byzantine – the nucleus of eastern Christian civilization. The data available about conversion of Kartli in the oldest Greek sources are fragmental and tendentious, since they deal with the church founded beyond the limits of the empire at the participation of Greek clergymen. This theme is considered in more details in Georgian sources, historical chronicles and ecclesiastical records.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

Allowable forms of relation between Georgian monks and laity based on the analysis of “The life of Assirian Fathers”

Author(s): Thea Kobakhidze

პერიოდი, რომელიც ასურელ მოღვაწეთა ქართლში მობრძანებას ემთხვევა, საქართველოსათვის ძნელბედითი და კატაკლიზმებით სავსე იყო: "ამის ფარსმანის მეფობასა მოვიდეს სპარსნი, მოაოხრეს ქართლი და რანი, ხოლო ფარსმან მეფემან ქართველთამან, ითხოვა სპარსთ მეფისაგან, რათა არა მოაოხრნეს ეკლესიანი და იპყრას ქართლი სჯულსა ზედა ქრისტესსა, რამეთუ მას ჟამსა ბერძენნი უცალო იყვნენ ... ვერ შემძლებელ იყვნეს შეწევნად ქართველთა".

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

Grigol Robakidze's poem "Town phenomenon" and Crisis of the European civilization

Author(s): Eka Tskhadadze

Crisis of the European civilization represented in the Gr. Robaridze's "Maelstrom", K. Gamsakhurdia's novelettes and his "Smile of Dionysus". M. Javarhishvili had made proper attention to the problem of the civilization, but in Georgia at that time civilization development was felt in crisis.

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