Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 8

Ethnographical Episodes

Author(s): George Chinchaladze

To empower the Caucasus, the Russian Empire is the oldest of the "divide and power". In the first years of Georgian nobility the amazing break-up and confusion collapsed; "We all have some ropes, that is, we're all in a stupid way" (Al. Orbeliani). It was difficult to distinguish between a friend, a relative or a Russian "watcher". Everyone started to doubt each other. "Such a mystery is something in us, such ruthlessness has been thrown down ... We have brought this kind of mercy to Russians, nothing more than this" (Al. Orbeliani).

Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 8

From the archives of the Institute

Author(s): Kevin Tuite, Paata Bukhrashvili

The reader of our journal already knows that from 1997-2000 the International Caucasological Research Institute for social research, under the leadership of Professor Kevin Tuite of the University of Montreal (Canada) conducted work for the collection of ethnographic and linguistic materials in the mountain regions of Georgia, specifically in Pshav-Khevsureti, Svaneti, Racha. The institute collected numerous audio and photo materials, which are being prepared for publication in the pages of our institute’s journal, Amirani.

Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 9

Political and social significance of highland shrines in post-Soviet Georgia

Author(s): Kevin J. Tuite

This project is in essence the continuation of the research on traditional Central Caucasian religion funded in 1999-2002, with a shift in orientation motivated primarily by observations made in the field at that time. The primary goal of my research during this period was the documentation and analysis of the surviving remnants of highland Caucasian "paganism", a syncretic religious system comprising elements appropriated from Georgian Orthodox Christianity, but whose core principles go back much further in time.

Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 9

Ancient Christian Symbols in Ingilo Folklore and Ornamentation

Author(s): Maia Barikhashvili

The folklore (sagas, Legends) and ethnographic (ornamental pattents on textile) materials gathered in Saingilo are very interesting from the viwpoint of Cristian symbolizm. In parallel to written Georgian monuments, the Christian symbolizm is often traced in folklore works and ornaments also, however with certain variations. Researching all the above-mentioned is of a great importance for studying the Cristian culture.

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