Journal Amirani. 2005. Volume 12

Some ethnocultural peculiarities of Adighe diaspora

Author(s): Anastasia Ganich

This work is written based on field data collected by us during expeditions in 1996 and 2001 in the Republic of Adygea, and the Republic of Abkhazia. Also the author drew on historical studies and monographs, affecting this perspective.

Journal Amirani. 2005. Volume 12

Religion in der EU

Author(s): Tamar Janelidze

Die Gründung der Europäischen Gemeinschaft nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg 1952 für Kohle und Stahl (EGKS) gilt als Anfangsstadium der Europäischen Integration. Zur Fortsetzung der Europäischen Einigung schufen die sechs westeuropäischen Staaten weitere Institutionen wie EWG und EURATOM. Das Augenmark der Zusammenarbeit unter den ersten europäischen Einrichtungen richtete man auf die Entwicklung der gemeinsamen Wirtschaftspolitik innerhalb der Gründerstaaten.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Traditional cultic sites and associated religious practices in the highland province of Pshavi

Author(s): Kevin J. Tuite, Paata Bukhrashvili

1. Detailed inventory of the sacred buildings and sites of the northeastern Georgian province of Pshavi.
2. Mapping of sacred sites for each commune in Pshavi, based on precise geographical coordinates, to be gathered with GIS technology.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

The customary law of the Pankisi Kistis

Author(s): Nazi Borchashvili

The origins of the Weinakh people has long been a topic of interest to researchers. Among the Kistis (community of Chechen-Ingush origin residing in the Pankisi Valley in eastern Georgia), disputes and important socio-economic matters are regulated according to customary law, known as qiel, which continues to enjoy great respect and authority. Each member of the community is expected to abide by the decisions concluded by customary mediators (qielxuay).

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