Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 8

The Pre Conditions of Postmodern Culture Foundation in Russia and Some Tendencies of its Evolution

Author(s): Nana Shervashidze

After the WW II the Russian art going over the new stage of its evolution. Radically different art trends, from soc realism till conceptual art, simultaneously existed in Soviet area and evaluated on the background of social and political collisions of "Оттепел","Застой" and "Перестройка". The multifarious of art trends were joined in two main directions: formal art, where the authority dictated art forms and images, and non-formal, non-conformist art, with its protest against the everything official. This last trend defined the evolution of new Russian art.

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

Saint Iovane and Zedazeni cloister

Author(s): Thea Kobakhidze

ქართლის სამეფოს დედაქალაქის მცხეთის ჩრდილო-აღმოსავლეთით, მდინარე არაგვის მარცხენა ნაპირზე, ზღვის დონიდან 1350 მ-ის სიმაღლეზე აღმართულია საგურამოს ქედის ერთ-ერთი მწვერვალი - დიდებული ზედაზნის მონასტერი.

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

Interpretation of Traditional Forms in Contemporary Art (Art of Goudji Amashukeli)

Author(s): Nino Khutsishvili

Goudji Amashukeli is one of the most successful artists of the modernity. The list of Goudji’s exhibitions is very long. As far as prizes and distinctions are condemned. Artist expresses himself following a tradition, which comes to him quite naturally.

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