Journal Amirani. 2005. Volume 13

"Tbilisoba" of Nikoloz Ignatov

Author(s): Nino Mikava

In diesem Artikel handelt es sich um die im Georgischen Staatlichen S. Dschanaschia-Museum aufbewahrten Skitze, “Tbilisoba”. Dieses Gemälde wurde vom in 80-er Jahren tätigen Wandmaler Nikolos Ignatov geschaffen, der mehrere Arbeiten hinterlassen hat. Der wichtigste Vorteil dieses Künstlers ist Angepasstheit an die moderne monumentale Malerei. Unserer Meinung nach, stellt das oben erweahnte Ignatovs Gemälde Talent und Individualität dieses Künstlers hervorragend dar.

Journal Amirani. 2005. Volume 13

Review-Analysis of Historical Development of Drawing

Author(s): Mzia Chikhradze

The task of our research is to analyze the way of development of drawing, define techniques of a mountart and in general review a wall painting.
A drawing is a representation of a figure, or subjector a landscape on a painting surface done only in one color (mainly, in black).
The earliest “frescos” of caves we could see as a first examples of drawing. Where contour creates the picture and images are colored.. Some researchers consider them more impressive and almost perfect than the drawings of Michelangelo.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Architectural and artistic sides of some cult monuments built in the end of XX century

Author(s): Natia Gagnidze

As we know in the communism period in Georgia the orthodox religion was strictly pursued, accordingly the ortodox charches were not built. Because of it, it isn’t surprising that from the 90s of the century political and social condition radically changed in the country and it provoked a new wave of building, which was displayed in constructing ortodox charches. Exactly this and other factors provoked us to take a glance at som new cult monuments to determine their artistic sides and their significance in the city-building.

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