Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Architectural and artistic sides of some cult monuments built in the end of XX century

Author(s): Natia Gagnidze

As we know in the communism period in Georgia the orthodox religion was strictly pursued, accordingly the ortodox charches were not built. Because of it, it isn’t surprising that from the 90s of the century political and social condition radically changed in the country and it provoked a new wave of building, which was displayed in constructing ortodox charches. Exactly this and other factors provoked us to take a glance at som new cult monuments to determine their artistic sides and their significance in the city-building.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Relief of Oshki Octagon

Author(s): Tamar Kacheishvili

Saint Simon Stillite is one of the founders of ascetic movement of east Christianity. In Georgian orthodox world he occupies significant position. This is proved by multiple pieces of art dedicated to this theme. As a sample we could mention relief pillar in Oshki. Torso and capital of the pillar are octagonal, abundantly decorated.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

About one Relief Image in Phitareti

Author(s): Tamar Kacheishvili

History of Georgian sculpture actually represents the history of relief sculptures and images. Almost all types of samples of relief images are preserved in Georgia – metal, stone, woodcut relief images.
With regards to the subject of our study, we must consider façade sculpture. Sculptural relief and ornament, organically conjunct with architecture, which gives us the exquisite example of façade resolution.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 16

Der Novator der Geschichte der georgischenStandmalerei aus der Sicht der Moderne

Author(s): Nino Mikava

Heutzutage muss im auf dem Weg der Freiheit stehenden Land georgische Malerei von neuem ausgewertet werden. Es ist Zeit zu ver-gessen, dass jemand hohes Ansehen bei der kommunistischen Macht genoss. Jeder Maler muss nicht mit kommunistischen Etiketten gestempelt, sondern nach seiner kuenstlerischen Schaffnung ausgewertet werden.

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