Journal Amirani. 1999. Volume 1

Religious activities of Georgians in Kingdom of Kiev

Author(s): David Sandodze

There can be found a lot of materials about historical-religious and cultural relations between Georgians and Ukrainians that can shed light on a whole number of issues of coexistance of these two nations. Namely political and religious factors have played the greatest part in mutual interest that Georgia and Kiev Russia took in each other - Great state union of Eastern Slaves was the cradel of the Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia.

Journal Amirani. 1999. Volume 1

Some issues of Georgian history of 12th century according Samuel Anecis chronicles

Author(s): Nino Tortladze

Samuel Aneci is XII's Armenian author. His work "Extract from the writings of historians" contains important information about Georgia. Among them are the materials depicting king Demetre the first's reign. This source is very significant because the history of this period is not fully reflected in Georgian sources. Demetre's reign in "Kartlis Tskhovreba" is only a very short chronicle in the "short story of Lasha-Giorgi".

Journal Amirani. 1999. Volume 1

Appeal to Chechenian and Ingush nations

Author(s): Zviad Gamsakhurdia

Dear brothers and sisters!
Brotherhood, friendship and good neighborly relations between Chechen, Ingush and Georgian people have a centuries-old history. Many of our ancestors have been hindering each other in times of distress. We often missed the tribulation. Every enemy in the Caucasus first tried to cut off the inhabitants of the Caucasus and destroy them individually. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it was impossible to connect the Caucasians and united against the common enemy, thus making it convenient for the invaders.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

Historical Aspects of Georgian-Ukrainian Relations

Author(s): David Sandodze

The existence of allied countries and relations with them play a big part in the state strength of Georgia. Communication with these countries also affects their economical and cultural development.
Modern contacts cannot exist without considering preceding stages of historical processes. Applying historical experience and knowledge to practice has a great importance.

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