Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

The borders of the Georgian state and church at the time of Parnavaz and the Bagration dynasty, and their inaccurate representation in the "Pravoslavnaya Encyclopedia" (Orthodox Encyclopedia)

Author(s): Metropolitan Anania Japaridze

Incorrect and tendentious data from Soviet historiography continue to be included in such ecclestiastical publications as "Pravoslavnaya Encyclopedia" (Orthodox Encyclopedia). As a major achievement of Orthodox scholarship, this work is known throughout Christianity and indeed the entire world. Regrettably, some entries in the Orthodox Encyclopedia contain seriously distorted information concerning the borders of the jurisdiction of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

The Life of King David The Builder

Author(s): Lia Tsereteli

The author of this text describes King David The Builder’s death with the belief that he has gained paradise. He uses the theological formula: “God by nature among those who are gods by blessing”. The formula describes paradise. The “God by nature” is our saviour and “gods by blessing” are human beings. It does not mean that humans are idolized, but rather that they acquire divinity by means of God’s blessing.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Features of monastic life in early-medieval Georgia

Author(s): Thea Kobakhidze

In the mid-6th century, the decline of Georgian spiritual and cultural values reached its apogee. This state of affairs was conditioned by the political situation. Although the Iranians did not succeed in completely converting the Georgians to Mazdeanism, monophysite Christianity began to spread among them in opposition to the relationship with Byzantium. The Armenian church, as the principal monophysite institution, assumed a leadership role among the churches of the Transcaucasian nations occupied by Iran. It thus was able to extend its sphere of influence to non-armenian provinces, including Georgia.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 14

Kaukasiologische Beiträge in der „Wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift” der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 1965-1990

Author(s): Michael Eckardt

Im Zuge der Aktivitäten der „Senatskommission zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Universität Jena im 20. Jahrhundert” im Hinblick auf die Gründung der Universität vor 450 Jahren (1458-2008) wird 2006 ein umfangreicher Studienband erscheinen, der neueste Beiträge zur Geschichte einzelner Fächer, bedeutender Persönlichkeiten und historischer Entwicklungen an der Universität Jena versammelt. Trotz des breit angelegten Themenspektrums wird es vorraussichtlich keinen Beitrag zur Geschichte des Faches Kaukasiologie in Jena geben.

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