Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

From the History of Foundation of Zedazeni Monastery and about its Name

Author(s): David Merkviladze

The establisher of Zedazeni monastery is regarded to be Saint John, the leader of Assyrian missioners, so called Assyrian Fathers, acting in Kartli Kingdom (Eastern Georgia) in the VI century. Saint John, after arriving Mtskheta, spiritual centre of the country, went up on the Zedazeni mount, situated close to the town beyond the Aragvi river. He found the place very suitable and decided to stay there for further activities.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

Historical Memory and Major Trends of its Study

Author(s): Eka Kvachantiradze

The issue of historical memory is of great interest in the human sciences. It is researched by the anthropologists, psychologists, literature study professionals, philosophers. Historians joined these studies later, though their participation becomes more and more significant. If study of historical memory for western human scientists is regarded as actually ended (peak of research of these issues was in the 1970-1980s) and for Russian historiography it became the subject of interest since the 80s, for Georgian historical science this is relatively a new issue, requiring both, specific and generalized analysis.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

Cultural-educational work of Georgian diaspora in Azerbaijan at the end of 19th and at the beggining of 20th century

Author(s): Maia Barikhashvili

Georgians, settled in cities of Azerbaijan, particularly in Baku, worked in oil industry, in state and public institutions, at restaurants and hotels.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

For the biography of Christephore Rachvelishvili

Author(s): Levan Urushadze

The article deals with the little known details of the biography of Dr. Christephore L. Rachvelishvili (1894-1937), the noted Georgian scholar and public figure, a victim of communist repressions of 1937. In particular, on the base of the archival material his active participation in Georgian national-liberation movement of 1913-1918 and 1921-1923 is considered.

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