Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 20

Empires and Religions (Rome and Sassanid Iran in the III century A.D.)

Author(s): Marika Mshvildadze

III century represents a very important period for Roman Empire and Sassanid Iran. We can call this period an epoch of religious reforms, since it is religious reforms that determined history of these two countries later on. In this work, based on the sources, religious situation existing in these two countries and policy of governors in their own countries, as well as towards religions dominating in the neighboring empires, are studied on the background of political situation in Sassanid Iran and Roman Empire in the III century.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 20

Pankisi as per emigrants’ personal mail

Author(s): Khvtiso Mamisimedishvili

The paper presents the personal letters of a Georgian Prince Elizbar Makashvili and Datiko Duishvili of Pankisi, the emigrant. This documentary material is a clear evidence of the social-political processes taking place in Pankisi Gorge during the Soviet era and cultural-economic integration of the Kists with the Georgian people.

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 20

The National-Liberation Movement of Georgia and Intelligence Activity of some European Countries in 1900-1910s

Author(s): Levan Urushadze

The article deals with activity of the Intelligence and the Military bodies of the West European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands) in the Caucasian region and Georgia in 1900-1910-ies and their role in the National-Liberation Movement of Georgia in that period. It is shown collaboration of the leaders of the “Committee of Independence of Georgia” (George Matchabeli, Mikheil (Mikhako) Tsereteli, etc.) and the influential officer of the Russian War Ministry Vasil Dumbadze with the German War Ministry and Intelligence Service with the purpose of suppress of fighting efficiency of the Tsarist Russian Army in the World War I (1914-1915).

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 20

Twenty years ago

Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili

Beginning of the National-liberation Movement in November 1988

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