Journal Amirani. 2011. Volume 23

The Batumi District in 1920-1921 years

Author(s): Otar Gogolishvili

On July, 1921, the jurisdiction the Democratic Republic of Georgia was spread upon the District of Batumi. The formation of the governmental bodies was begun. But the national government emigrated from Batumi because of the occupation Georgia by the Bolshevik Russia. The "Qemalists" took the opportunity of the situation and occupied the District of Batumi on Mart, 1920, but the national army of Georgia under the leadership of General Giorgi Mazniashvili took thtook the control on the District of Batumi once more and kept it for Georgia.

Journal Amirani. 2011. Volume 23

"Batumian" Osman Akiskaliohglu-Gocitidze

Author(s): Nino Okrostsvaridze

During the scientific missions in Inegol, Turkey, author came across interesting stories; many of them are connected to persons who maintained ethnical self-identity in foreign reality, did not forget the past on behalf of future. Self-identity helped them to keep their own inner space, which impeded assimilation process for a while. Among these persons should be mentioned Osman Akıskalıoğlu-Gocitidze, who had to leave Georgia with father and brother On September 6, 1942, during The Second World War. His family hated The Soviet Union and did not want to take part in World War II; exactly this became the main reason for leaving their homeland and taking refuge in Turkey.

Journal Amirani. 2011. Volume 23

"My Truth is my Enemy"

Author(s): Mariam Omiadze

Story of Journalist Nasi Shamanauri and her mother - Sara Inashvili-Shamanauri is considered to be one of the most mystery and scandal ones in the eighties of twentieth century. Almost 20 years have passed, but unfortunately there is no answer to the question who was blame and responsible in her death. On August 14, 1982 while celebrating the day “vajaoba” in Chargali. N. Shamanauri made a speech and exposed the officials of Dusheti region making illegal activities. After that she was arrested and put into the hospital of mental diseases, where she was under gruesome torture for five months. On January 11, 1983 Shamanauri was taken to the hospital in unconscious condition. On January 20 she died without coming to herself. The official reason of her death was announced sepsis.

Journal Amirani. 2011. Volume 23

To the history of the Zviad Gamsakhurdia's and Merab Kostava's trial

Author(s): Ucha Okropiridze

An article describes preceded occurences before the Zviad Gamsakhurdia's and Merab Kostava's trial On May 1978.

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