Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3

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1. Order of the Tbilisi Garrison Commandant on Additional Measures concerning the curfew in Tbilisi
2. Statement of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia on the acts adopted by the so-called military council, the temporary government and the state council...

Journal Amirani. 2002. Volume 6

Status of the Sea Centers in Georgia (5th-6th century AD)

Author(s): Temur T. Todua

The Black Sea shore of Georgia was included into the Byzantian world at the end of the 4th century AD. Byzantines troops were dislocated in some of its centers (Pitiunt, Sebastopolis), and in Apsar,Petra and Fasis in the 6th century AD. City life was very active in these centres. However, major centers remained to be mainly fortifications on the frontier line. Only Fasis managed to remain as a significant city centre in the 6th century AD.

Journal Amirani. 2002. Volume 6

The battle to finally unite the Batumi district to Georgia

Author(s): Ucha Okropiridze

After the October revolution of 1917 anarchy enveloped Russia.The peoples of the Transcaucasus attempted to make their own way on their own and after considerable hesitation formed aTranscaucasian federated state consisting of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. But as a result of well-known events therefore mentioned federation only existed for about a month and in its place appeared three states, which on the 25-26 of May, 1918, made declarations for the beginning of building independent statehood.

Journal Amirani. 2002. Volume 6

Materials for the study of the history of the national movement of Georgia in the 1980s (1988)

Author(s): Medea Shamugia

On the 25th of February 1921 Russia brought about the occupation and annexation of Georgia, which lasted for 70 years. Our country lost independence... In this period the bringing forward of anything national (geo.: ეროვნული) was declared "nationalism" (geo.: ნაციონალიზმი) and suffered cruel discrimination, which was implemented as the beginning of a maximal attempt at the assimilation of Georgia to Russia. The Georgian language and the Georgian church experienced systematic oppression...

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