Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Georgian medieval intellectuals

Author(s): Yaroslav Pylypchk

This article is dedicated to the intellectual history of Medieval Georgia. Historically, the activities of Georgian intellectuals can be divided into three periods.

Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Contemporary Georgian National Movement and Southwest Georgia According to the Georgian Informal Press

Author(s): Ucha Okropiridze

The article presents a review of the circumstances of the preparation of the military-criminal coup in Georgia in December-January, 1991-1992 and the events that followed it, based on the materials of the Georgian unofficial press (1988-1990).

Journal Amirani. 2022. Volume 36

Confrontations between the Caucasian Khans in 1768-1774 and Erekle II

Author(s): Davit Merkviladze

In 1768, Fatali Khan of Quba together with Hussein Khan of Shaki took Shemakhi. Soon, however, he also tried to subdue Shaki Khanate. For this purpose, Fatali offered King Erekle II of Kartli-Kakheti and Ibrahim Khan of Karabakh to campaign against Shaki Khanate. But failed to get their consent. For his part, the Khan of Shaki asked Erekle II for help. The King demanded that Fatali Khan reconcile with Khan of Shaki and threatened to provide military assistance to Hussein Khan.

Journal Amirani. 2023. Volume 37

Trade in captive slaves in 17th century Western Georgia according to reports of foreign authors

Author(s): Davit Merkviladze

n the 17th century, selling people as slaves abroad was widespread in Georgia and throughout the Caucasus. This grave event had its deep political, economic and social preconditions.

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