Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 19

Bogs of Colchi

Author(s): George Zedgenidze

Bogs on the territory of Georgia are mainly represented on the territory of Colchi lowland that is caused by several natural factors (ground surface small inclination, abundant atmospheric precipitants, ground water levels, heavy clay composition of soil, insignificant leakage of water from bogs, intensive tectonic sinking that takes place on Colchi lowlands and reaches 6 mm annually, near Poti, distribution of plants that trigger bogs formation processes etc.).

Journal Amirani. 2008. Volume 20

Religious-political prerequisites of the developement of monartic institutions in the Orthodox World and Georgia

Author(s): Thea Kobakhidze

მონასტერი ძლიერი რელიგიური ორგანიზაციაა. იგი სრულყოფის უსასრულო გზაა და აღემატება ქრისტიანული საზოგადოების საერთო დონეს. მონასტერი ე. წ. უმაღლესი სკოლაა, რომელიც ჭეშმარიტ ქრისტიანებს აყალიბებს.

Journal Amirani. 2009. Volume 21

Culturological-Juridical Aspects of Realization of International Copyrights on Cinematographic and Photographic Works

Author(s): George Chiladze

In the work, the author considers such issues as the authorship of a piece of creative work, the place and significance of an intellectual property, its non- material nature and culture, within the value system of Georgian nation . The author characterizes the system of measures carried out by the state that ensure the possibility of commercialization of the intellectual property objects.

Journal Amirani. 2009. Volume 21

Some Culturological-Juridical Aspects of Protecting Folkloric Works in Georgia

Author(s): George Chiladze

Folkloric works are significant part of the cultural heritage of a Georgian nation. In the process of their commercialization, folkloric works are often deformed.
One of the first attempts of legal regulation of this sphere was adoption of the Law of Georgia on Copyrights and Allied Rights in 1999.
At present stage it is necessary to elaborate a special (sui generic) voluminous legal norms to allow certain freedom for Georgian legislation in order for it to create a legal protection system that is best suited for the country conditions.

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