Journal Amirani. 2020. Volume 33

Ecological Problems of the Lake Paliastomi

Author(s): Zurab Janelidze, Giorgi Janelidze

The reasons that cause ecological problems of Lake Paliastomi (located in Georgia, a few hundred meters from the Black Sea coast) are the following: 1. Construction of the sea-port and the city of Poti in the coastal zone near Paliastomi Lake in the 1860s and their increasing functioning. The ecological balance that formed for thousands of years in the lake has been disrupted as a result of selfish human activities (e.g., overhunting, fishing, deforestation, etc.). 2. Ecological degradation has intensified since the 1920s when Lake Paliastomi was connected to the sea via the Maltakva Channel. As a result, the freshwater lake has transformed into a saline lagoon, which has led to a severe restriction of the living conditions of freshwater plants and animal organisms.

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