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2005 Volume 12

Collection of the signs of dignity

Entry date: 2009-11-25

Author(s): Zurab Gaiparashvili

Several documental sources of the times of Czars’s Russia are to be considered in the quest of family coats of arms, having the Georgian origin. Each of these sources includes hundreds and thousands of emblems.

2005 Volume 12

The Jewish' legality and religious confession in Georgia

Entry date: 2009-11-25

Author(s): Ketevan Abuladze

The Jewish' first view flew in VI century B.C. after the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar raided Judea. Jewish’ migration in Georgia was realized in advance, it seems that they knew about Georgia, it’s people and conditions before moving.

2005 Volume 12

The history of Poti town

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Nino Otkhozoria

A new stage has been started in the history of town Poti when the local population named Niko Nikoladze as the Town Head among other candidates. On the 25th of October 1894 he was elected as the Town Head. The representatives of progressive intelligencia displayed interest towards this fact. The activities of Niko Nikoladze during his service were periodically covered by “Iveria”, a newspaper founded by Ilya Tchavtchavadze.

2005 Volume 12

Joint Efforts of Professors and Teachers of the University and Clergymen to Defend and Save the Church Treasures

Entry date: 0000-00-00

Author(s): Manana Liluashvili

If we overview the press or the archived material of the 20-ies of the XX century, we’ll be able to see how E. Takaishvili, K. Kekelidze, I. Javakhishvili and others are struggling to save the Georgian churches and monasteries, destroyed in the course of times, robbed and violated by the Russian Church. They keep the inventory of these architectural complexes, measure and photograph them. They are making complete lists of objects kept there, having both spiritual and historic values. The question of the defense and rescue of the Church treasures was not only of the interest of the Georgian Church and intelligence. The Menshevik Government of Georgia was interested by this problem, too.

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